"Craft your life's work"


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Mel Cadence
Melody maker's short story. A new mobile music game. (iOS - Android) - In development -
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Duel Otters
The cutest head-to-head dueling game on mobile device. (iOS - Android)

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I also maintaining these facebook page so you can message me there : Team Facebook page or Duel Otter's Facebook page. And my Twitter account about game development is here.


Exceed7 Experiments's purpose is to make games like a craft, not like a business. The game you create here is something you will own for lifetime, not just something you survive with. After it is finished, are you proud that you could talk about all little aspects of your game all day? That's why make sure it is filled with dreams and wonders!

The initial team members all came from the same class in the university. Although the prototype of the game exists before we graduated, the real operation of Exceed7 began at the same time we started our daily work. Currently that project "Duel Otters" has 4 members including 3 of my other friends. I have started an another solo project "Mel Cadence" by myself.

The Team


Mel Cadence : Producer, Sole developer

Duel Otters : Game Designer, Project Manager, Sound Designer, Lead Programmer, Animator, Artist, PR videos and websites

Music games arcade is his second home.

The Condominium Cat

Mel Cadence : The only other member, Emotional support

The Condominium Cat
Thank you for everything...

(  ͡°  ͜ʖ ͡°) BENJARONG GULYANAMITTA | PandaBen

Duel Otters : Lead Programmer, Sub-artist

He is capable of turning fantasy into reality.


Duel Otters : Lead Programmer

He fixes bug faster than you finish your Big Mac®.

(ఠ ˓̭ ఠ) NITCHNUN SAKSINCHAI | ไอ๊เอง

Duel Otters : Lead Artist, Character Designer

She can draw at an amazing speed and quality. (Once you can get her to work)
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